@ Every Sunday 1-2PM

Every Sunday 1-2PM

Happy Dance Club- Themed Dance Party for Kids, Toddlers & Guardians

Get your happy dance on!  Happy Dance Club is a super fun, themed, interactive, educational dance party which will introduce toddlers and kids to their first DJ, dance floor experience.  

Our fabulously colorful “DJ” will lead kids through a guided dance floor adventure where they will learn, through movement, about musical artists like Prince, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, as well as different Genres of music like Disco, 90s Hip Hop and 80s New Wave. 

Dress up in fun outfits that coincide with the theme…. Or not, the more sparkly and colorful the better you will feel as you are dancing beneath the glittering lights! 

And, be sure to stick around after class to feel like a star as you take photos against our Instagram colorful backgrounds!

style=”font-weight: 400;”> All levels welcome!  No skill or experience necessary! 

$18 per kid